10 Reasons Why Men Cheat On Their Partner

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10 Reasons Why Men Cheat On Their Partner

Feel the attraction to another person and let yourself go to a dangerous and galvanizing game leading to an extramarital relationship, synonymous with freedom and seduction. This situation, the infidels cross it to rediscover a part of their being. Yet, they pay this freedom at a high price and make their partner suffer. But for what reasons? Explanations.

In terms of deception, it seems that men act differently from women. Robert Weiss, author, and therapist in the field of infidelity explains in an article in Psychology Today that men have a different notion of infidelity. They consider that relationships that do not necessarily lead to a sexual act (exchanges by messages, video chat …) are not a matter of deception, just like the use of pornography.

Similarly, as long as the other knows nothing, he/she cannot be hurt. Now, treason usually ends up being discovered and brings with it its share of suffering.

Whoever has been betrayed then asks, “Why? “. Robert Weiss enlightens us by listing the 10 reasons why a man deceives his partner:

1-This is a liar

Some men deceive their partner because they lie and lie to each other by engaging in a monogamous relationship. In fact, this type of man is simply not ready to sacrifice his freedom in favor of a serious and lasting relationship (even if he does not admit it totally).

2-He lacks self-confidence

A man who feels bad about himself will tend to test his power of attraction on people around him, even if he is in a relationship with someone who tries to give him compliments. He is ready to indulge in sexual adventures because seduction and flirting allow him to reassure himself about his charisma and skills.

3-He is immature

Like the liar, the immature man is not ready to engage. Moreover, he underestimates the deception and the fact that the other is hurt by this type of betrayal.

4-He is traumatized

A man who has suffered serious trauma in childhood sees his ability to love and to be truly upset. Generally, in self-destruction, he will be the first to sabotage his romantic relationships.

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