15 Things Men Hate In Women

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15 Things Men Hate In Women

15 things men hate in women

Many women wonder how to seduce and attract men. Is it physical beauty, intelligence, or the beauty of the soul? Know ladies, that they are simply attracted to your true nature. A sophisticated, superficial woman may shine for a moment but will go out quickly in the eyes of a man who is looking for a true woman.

Here’s what men hate in a woman:

1-The Excessive Makeup

Sophisticated makeup will make a man run away. Being natural is the best weapon of seduction that you can use, so let your natural shine.

2-Bad Hygiene Of The Body

Even if the current way of life demands perfection from you and you run and sweat from everywhere, it is always a matter of personal hygiene. Cling ladies, to talk to you and always feel good.


There is no worse than a person who wears an arrogant attitude. And men are not very fond of nervous women who react in a quarter turn. Stay humble and modest.

4-Fear Of Dialogue

Let yourself go into dialogue with a man and show that you also have your opinions. Men love women who have a discussion.

5-The Criticism Of the Former Ex

Talking about his ex and hurt moreover, will only exasperate your mate. A man is above all looking for a nice, positive and uncomfortable woman. Leave your past where it is and live the present with your man.

6- Drama Queen

Some women have the gift of always dramatizing things and constantly seeking to live in alarming situations. Men hate it and will quickly take to their heels to flee this kind of women.

7-Extreme Requirements

You think you have to demand that your man respect you. But know that respect is self-evident. A man will respect you without you forcing him because you deserve it.

8-A Woman who Is Not Attentive

If there is one thing that a man hates is to be in the presence of a woman who does not listen to him or who is more interested in telephones than him. Know to be present and attentive with him so that he feels that you show him respect.

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