6 zodiac signs that have the most trouble ending a relationship

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6 zodiac signs that have the most trouble ending a relationship


We begin most of our relationships with the unknown, dazzled by the prospect of exploring the potential of a new partnership. If and when that ends, we are forced to give up not only what was, but our hopes for what could have been. Instead of aspiration, we are left in emptiness and sorrow, and each zodiacal sign treats these feelings differently.

Here are the signs of the zodiac that have the most trouble ending a relationship according to astrology:


1. Fish

Fish, you have a heart of gold, and everyone knows it. But you also tend to idealize your partner and see only his finest qualities. This can make you forget the warning signs that you should be able to distance yourself. While it’s a good thing to get involved and try to arrange things with a person, you do not want to believe that the person you love can hurt you, and you’re ready to defend it until you end if necessary.

In the end, you will not leave your relationship because you refuse to recognize that your partner is not as good as you imagined.

2. Cancer

You love to be in love, and it shows. Although you do not engage with anyone, you tend to hope your relationship will be the right one. On the other hand, you imagine your future together more than you want to admit. You tend to invest yourself very quickly emotionally. Thus, you let your heart take over your head in most situations relating to your relationship.
Although love is an incredible thing, it is not everything, although it may be difficult to convince you otherwise. You like the feelings associated with your partner. And even if problems could be a reason for breaking up, it is unlikely that you leave because you are too much in love with the person. You will stay in the relationship for as long as possible unless you have no choice.

3. Virgo

Virgin, you protect yourself, your criteria are high and your walls are numerous. You can only open after spending a lot of time determining if you can do it safely. You spend a lot of time trying to find an exceptional partner, and we do not engage with anyone. Yet this does not mean that your relationships go smoothly.
You are an intelligent person and you know very well when problems arise in the relationship. But instead of ending the relationship, you try to solve all the potential problems. You do not mind taking on more responsibilities. You have a lot of patience, it usually requires you to stay in a relationship longer than you should. You think that with enough time, the problems will be solved.

4. Bull

Bull, you like order and structure, and you have no problem letting it know. When your life is in a quiet, solid and well-organized place, you are perfectly satisfied. It does not matter if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Regarding your relationships, you may notice that your partner is not always the best. Or maybe you will realize that you are not as in love as you should be.

But leaving this relationship would only result in more chaos and discomfort than you are willing to bear. You will stay because it is comfortable and the easiest thing to do. And even if it’s not very romantic, it does not bother you if the relationship brings you what you want.

5. Balance

You may be a sign of marriage, but that does not always mean that you tend to stay in your relationships. As a partner, you are incredibly dedicated. You can take some time to commit yourself. But once you are in a relationship, you have a hard time leaving. You always aspire to keep all your relationships as harmonious as possible. This is commendable, but it can lead you to endure some things to keep the peace.

You will probably not leave the relationship because you will not want to cause pain or discomfort. And this, no matter the circumstances. And in case you do, it is not unlikely that you will return with your old partner because you can never let him go completely even when things are over.

6. Scorpion

Regarding relationships, you are an extremely passionate and intense partner. You do not fall in love often. But when you love, it’s for a good reason and you’re completely enamored of your partner. So you will immerse yourself in the relationship and make it unforgettable.

And you are more than determined to keep the relationship alive through your enthusiasm and your feelings for the person. It is unlikely that you will leave the relationship except under the most extreme circumstances, such as treason. In this case, you will have for single obsession to avenge you, without never allowing the person to leave completely.

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