7 Signs He Cares More Than You Think

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7 Signs He Cares More Than You Think

Not every guy in the world is 100% honest all of the time when it comes to how he feels, we know what a crazy concept .many are way too cool or think they’re way too cool to admit what’s really going on in their heads when they start to fall for someone new.

So how do you know what the deal is; if you’ve been dating a guy for a while and are starting to catch some serious feelings don’t just rely on his disclosure to let you know if he feels the same.

There are a few hints he may unknowingly give; that suggests he really does care about you. Or if you are starting to fall for one of your guy friends but having an open conversation about it at this point might jeopardize the friendship, there are ways to tell whether he feels the same about you.

Here Are Seven Signs He Cares More Than You Think:

1-He’s Honest:

If he cares about you he’ll be honest with you, ironically enough he might not be super honest about how he feels about you at the beginning, which is why this is so frustrating and confusing. But he will generally tell the truth about all kinds of other topics and situations.

If you have the classic super embarrassing moment of having spinach on your teeth, a guy that might just have a small crush on you might not tell you.

He won’t want to make things more embarrassing or awkward. But if this guy really cares about you like way more than a silly crush he won’t let you walk around with it all day. Besides, he wants to get the awkwardness out of the way so you don’t have to go home and freak out and he wants to save you any kind of discomfort in the long run.

He doesn’t lie to you about where he is or what he’s doing because he knows lies tend to catch up with you and basically ruin everything.

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